Maryam moved to Canada from Germany and settled in Vancouver.Maryam is a persian self-taught artist who like many artist's has a desire to inspire and captivate other loyal art devotees by unraveling her love for nature and culture in her art pieces.Maryam's

paintings are mostly influenced by her extensive trips around the world over the last decade,On her constant adventures Maryam committed her time to several painting workshops experimenting with traditional ceramic in Germany and USA ,wood working and batik in africa. After years of experimenting,Maryam felt equally comfortable with acrylic paint and she discovered her true talent in contemporary art.

In this particular style she was able to let her sympathizers understand that every brush stroke has a personal message,revealing her intrepid life,allowing her thoughts and emotions to reflect themselves as vivid bold colors in her paintings.

Maryam's inspirations aroused from the natural beauty vancouver has to offer and her indelible childhood memories ,helping her create a mesmerizing ,harmonious and timeless scene on canvas,bringing out a more historic and personal side to her artworks. Maryam is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and her art works has contributed to fundraising events.


Maryam Vancouver is an artist from Vancover.

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